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About Us


What We Know

An estimated 35 million patients seek chiropractic care every year in the United States and it is the safest and most popular choice for alternative healthcare treatment.  Properly administered chiropractic treatment works very well in conjunction with medically supervised patients in the FQHC setting.  The benefits of adding this specialty service include, but are certainly not limited to, increased revenue, very pleased referring Primary Care Physicians, and highly satisfied patients.


Our Expertise

Chiropractic Integrative Partners’ providers are well-educated and orthopedically oriented.  They are highly qualified and utilize only medically accepted, scientific-based treatment and are offered frequent education on specific topics such as documentation compliance, medical necessity, industry accepted protocols, etc.  Because they are employees of our company (as opposed to independent contractors), they are able to focus on treating patients, without having to worry about business/administrative duties.

Our administrative staff offers on-site training, documentation/billing compliance and support, and is available to assist each facility with their specific needs relating to chiropractic and acupuncture services.


Strategic Partnership


Chiropractic Integrative Partners understands that each FQHC operates in their own unique way.  Therefore, we partner with each individual facility and strategically assist in the development of a chiropractic program that flows smoothly with your existing operations and workflow.

If your Community Health Center doesn't yet offer chiropractic or acupuncture services, or if you would like assistance with your current program, contact us today at (760) 779-2400. Find out how we can help.